Jimmy is an animator from Massachusetts, raised in Framingham. Growing up, most of his art was inspired by or based on Nintendo and Nickelodeon characters. When not drawing his own renditions of Donkey Kong or Squidward, he would draw cartoon versions of his friends. Most of his time in grade school was dedicated to trying to make the most entertaining drawing he could to get the best reaction from those around him, typically starring those around him. Drawing the teacher was always the most exciting, but also the most risky. Especially Ms. Quinlin, whose face went really well on a Quail's body. Today, the people he knows are his biggest inspiration. Whenever something interesting or funny is brought up in conversation, he'll always make a mental note of it for future projects. He loves being amused by those around him, and using those moments in his work to try and get the best possible reaction from his audience.
Jimmy works mainly within Toon Boom and Premiere, but will use other programs when needed, such as After Effects. Majority of his work is in a 2D style. His work likes to focus on character animation, specifically the faces the characters make when put into unusual circumstances. He can’t get enough of those disturbing facial close ups, inspired directly from Ren and Stimpy and Spongebob, and hopes someday to create such crusty, detailed renderings of his characters. Finding the humor in characters, and hoping to get a reaction from strangers with his work is what drives Jimmy to create.

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